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Emporium Transactive Energy Platform

The Emporium Transactive Energy Platform revolutionizes the relationships between customers, energy companies and the grid under the new emerging transactive energy paradigm.

Wholesale energy markets have been operating based on transactive energy principles for decades; that is reacting in real-time to demand and price fluctuations via actual operating spot markets. However, for the first time now we have the potential to disrupt the utility-centric business model, apply the transactive energy principles to utility distribution systems and business models, and to utility-customer relations – all enabled by the growth of DERs and the IoT revolution. The global electricity system is driving towards a future full of DERs, physically located everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, both in front and behind the meter. This transformative transition is, in turn, creating customers who are both savvy producers and consumers of electricity (“prosumers”).

Engage in Energy Markets

The Emporium platform makes the transactive energy paradigm a reality by allowing customers either as individuals or in aggregate to actively engage in energy markets by negotiating and responding to “value signals,” based on price, demand, time of day, and other grid and market considerations. The proposed transactive energy model, enabled by the Emporium platform, will turn DERs (from solar to wind to storage to EVs and smart appliances) into grid assets which can be deployed to solve grid problems for the first time.

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EFT Energy Flexibility Token

The Energy Flexibility Token (EFT) is a universal transactive energy token built on Ethereum. EFT enables the settlement of energy transactions. Emporium is a decentralized application that uses EFT that acts as transactive energy exchange platform. EFT works at the protocol level, is owned and operated as an industry consortium with governance from its stakeholders. EFT leverages an independent main-chain / side-chain architecture empowering anyone to leverage the EFT protocol.


Real World Energy Solutions

Peak Heat Day and Energy Supply

Peak heat day and energy supply: The grid is severely strained in capacity and requires additional load shedding/shifting or storage resources.

Wind Energy Balancing

Wind energy balancing reserves: DERs are engaged based on economics and location to balance wind resources.

Photovoltaics (PV) and Voltage Control

High penetration of Photovoltaics (PV) and Voltage Control: High-penetration of rooftop solar PV causes swings in voltage on the distribution grid.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EV) on the neighborhood transformer: Transactive energy is used to manage to overload at a specific transformer which serves several homes that each have fast-charging EVs.

Islanded Microgrid Energy Balancing

Islanded microgrid energy balancing: A microgrid controller manages local resources and loads to maintain power quality in islanded mode.

Emergency Load Reductions

System constraint resulting in sudden loss of supply: A sudden transmission system constraint results in emergency load reductions.


  • Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos Chairman & CEO

    Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos is the CEO & Chairman of ZOME Energy Networks and founder of ECCO, one of the top energy market designers in the world. He has developed much of the USA ISO market system and energy markets on four continents.

  • Teuta Bakalli Director, Transactive Energy

    Ms. Bakalli is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants of London, with over 25 years experience in regulated financial markets covering investment banking, insurance, and asset management.

  • Mr. Brad Kayton Director, CFO

    Mr. Brad Kayton is WEC’s CFO leading operations and finance, and is heavily involved in sales and business development. Mr. Kayton has a long background in networked devices and IoT, having co-founded both 2Wire and 4Home.